It is terrible to see that there is so much hunger in the world and also very close to home, it is not obvious that there is a tasty dinner on the table everyday. That’s why we love: TASTE BEFORE YOU WASTE!

Taste Before You Waste is an Amsterdam based initiative that aims to combat food waste. All together we throw huge amounts of good food away. The purpose of TASTE BEFORE YOU WASTE is to make consumers aware of this huge waste of food and to give them information on how this can be prevented. A lot of fantastic activities were organized previously, including “food give-away markets ‘, dinners made from” unused food’ and debates and film evenings on the theme of food waste were organised. Every Friday there is a free mini street market place in Amsterdam, everyone can take fruit and vegetables for free in exchange for the promise to throw away less food.

With the help of grocery stores, an organic farmer from Flevoland and many enthusiastic volunteers TASTE BEFORE YOU WASTE saves about 250 kilos good food of unnecessary waste weekly. At least five times a week the volunteers will drive with a tricycle through the Java Street in Amsterdam to collect food. Afterwards they distribute the food among various social organizations. They make gorgeous meals from the food!Green bird samui

This makes us happy, how beautiful that is!

In the coming months there will be more organized, the website of TASTE BEFORE YOU WASTE will keep you posted!