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Do you miss your radiance? Your skin is pale, your hair dull, are you a little exhausted and do you move less smoothly than you’re used to? The solution is ZZAZEN. Within 4 weeks your skin will be radiant again, your hair and nails will be stronger and movement will be more supple. Your energy and resistance increase. Due to the good composition of the ingredients ZZAZEN provides the most important building blocks to stimulate your body to produce collagen in the natural way.
The difference with other collagen? ZZAZEN collagen has been ‘cut’ into very small peptides by a specific production process – which means that ZZAZEN goes to your target areas immediately after ingestion and is not absorbed into the digestive process like other collagen products that cannot therefore reach your target areas.

Ingredients: Fish collagen peptides (fish), food acid: malic acid, L-arginine, natural flavor aroma, vitamin C, glucosamine sulphate from 2 Kcl (fish).

Use: ZZAZEN is easy to use and particularly suitable for mixing with all kinds of foods, water, a juice, a yoghurt and also with protein mixtures. It is pure, easily digestible and absorbable. We recommend 7 grams of ZZAZEN per daily dose. This can be taken at any time of the day by putting one scoop of ZZAZEN (7 grams) in a glass and adding water or your favourite juice. Then stir well and enjoy your true anti-aging drink!