The use of fish collagen has been a daily habit in South America and Asia with the aim of keeping the skin young. After years of research on this product and its use , I became very enthusiastic! I personally feel much more energized, my sporting performance is very good, my skin is better and my hair grows super! For the first time of my life I’ve got long nails! In short, I was so pleased with my collagen boost that we decided to bring our favorite fish collagen to the Netherlands and Belgium to share the experience with Dutch and Belgian men and women. Everybody needs to try the ZZAZEN boost for your body and you will feel great!

The name ZZAZEN comes from ZAZEN and means ” finding inner peace ” . Through the use of fish collagen powder I am automatically conscious of nutrition and I am much more aware of what is good for my body. The symbol on the pot is a Japanese beauty symbol. After all, nutrition food and nutritional supplements started in Japan. The grey dots herein refer to the structure of the collagen.


• We maintain high standards for our products with the principles of nature and our body. We therefore use natural ingredients.

• Our products are made with pure ingredients of the highest quality. Its effects has been proven by scientific research.

• The ZZAZEN products are manufactured according to the highest certification standards and lab tests which quality is guaranteed.

Debby Joannes