Do you like to have a beautiful radiant skin and get older vitally?

ZZAZEN® collagen improves the skin naturally from the inside and is the perfect BOOST for your hair, nails, joints and bones. ZZAZEN also gives you more energy and improves your sporting performance!

Nutrition plays an important role for athletes who are preparing for an optimal performance level. The essential role of proteins is known by athletes and also for active consumers. But ZZAZEN offers more benefits for athletes. In addition to faster recovery and muscle build-up, ZZAZEN improves sports performance, connective tissue and also reduces injuries due to stronger tissue.

ZZAZEN is easy to use and is very suitable for mixing with all kinds of food, water, juice, yogurt, but also with protein mixtures. It is pure, easily digestible and absorbable and ZZAZEN contains a unique amino acid profile that offers specific nutritional benefits that do not occur in other protein sources. 

ZZAZEN® collagen has been developed to support the body and improve the skin, hair, nails, bones, joints from the inside!  With a unique amino acid profile, ZZAZEN collagen contains high levels of the amino acids glycine, hydroxyproline, proline, alanine and arginine providing specific nutritional benefits not found in other protein sources. The result is great!

Collagen is a glue forming protein which is the main component of the connective tissue in the body. The connective tissue determines the resilience and the body shape of the skin. Collagen is found throughout the body but mainly in the skin and bones. Collagen is responsible for the youthfulness, the elasticity and the structure of the skin. The preservation of collagen is also the secret of beautiful aging !

At a young age – until the age of 25 – through a natural process enough collagen is created to keep the skin young, elastic and firm. After your 25th however, the natural production of collagen in the body decreases by 1.5 % per year, this means that the amount of collagen at the age of 35 is decreased by 15 % and even 30% on your 45th birthday! The decreased collagen production causes skin aging and wrinkles. It is therefore important to fill the lack of collagen with a natural collagen supplement in combination with vitamin C. Vitamin C is an important building block for the formation of stable collagen fibers and contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin. Fish collagen is identical to the collagen in our body and therefore very well digestible and absorbable. ZZAZEN® Fish Collagen is a complete collagen supplement with vitamin C, which stimulates the

natural production of collagen in the body.  ZZAZEN® is better than other collagen products because of the high quality of its ingredients. ZZAZEN ® contains peptides with a combination of the right amino acids which ensures our body produces more collagen in a natural way. The peptides are well absorbable and they come from your gut into your bloodstream after about one hour.

ZZAZEN® distinguishes itself from other collagen products by the highest quality of the pure ingredients. ZZAZEN® is manufactured in accordance with the strictest certification standards and lab tests, ensuring quality. Its operation has been demonstrated by scientific research.

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Natural skin rejuvenation

Maintaining great skin

Improved skin texture

Improved hydration

More energy

Improve sports performance

Benefits to muscles

Stronger hair and nails

Easily digestible


Fish collagen peptides (fish), acid: apple acid, L-arginine, natural taste flavor, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), glucosamine sulfate 2 KCl (fish) sweetened with steviol glycosides (stevia). One jar ZZAZEN ® contains 220 grams, it is good for 31 daily doses.


Put one scoop of ZZAZEN ® ( 7grams ) in a glass and add some (tap)water or your favorite juice. Stir well and enjoy your true anti aging collagendrink.


• We maintain high standards for our products with the principles of nature and our body. We therefore use natural ingredients.

• Our products are made with pure ingredients of the highest quality. Its effects has been proven by scientific research.

• The ZZAZEN products are manufactured according to the highest certification standards and lab tests which quality is guaranteed.

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